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Download Cloud Token Wallet & Activate Jarvis AI

  1. Go to https://CloudTokenGlobal.com/download/4670618650
  2. Download Wallet from the Apple Store (iOS) or Gooble Play (Android)
  3. Open the app on your phone and create an account using Referral ID: 4670618650
  4. Create a Login and Payment Pin (take a screenshot or write it down, this pin is important to remember)
  5. Make a deposit using crypto of your choice (give it up to 30min to transfer and appear in your wallet)
  6. Go to “Projects” and activate Jarvis AI by making a transfer to participate.
  • Receive Up to 10% Per Month of What You Are Holding, Paid Out in CTO Daily!

  • You can instantly exchange CTO for any other crypto at market value.

  • You will be able to withdraw funds at anytime…its YOURS!

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