Introducing The Cloud Token Wallet

Cloud Token integrates all the blockchain cryptographic assets into one and is considered the world’s first social wealth wallet. As a blockchain 4.0 platform, it can perform cross-chain encryption exchanges.

The cloud token holds eight coins at the same time, and these coins include Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE), USDTether (USDT), TrueUSD (TUSD), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Cloud Token (CTO).

The goal of Cloud Token is to create an ecosystem with the most recent and most advanced 4.0 blockchain technology along with a mobile app system; this goal has allowed the integration of credit card usage in the Cloud Token Wallet application.

Cloud Token Strong Points

The Cloud Token offers a lot of exciting things. These include:

  • AI trading

Cloud Token uses an Artificially Intelligent robot to trade cryptocurrency. It compares all the currency pairs on different crypto exchanges and puts together information about the leading segments. The robot then decides whether or not to trade. Investor’s money deposited in Cloud Token wallet will be put into the general fund of the project, then a small part will be used to trade and bring back the return to investors, daily.

  • Capital Withdrawal

Cloud Token is still a regular e-wallet, and as such, investors on Cloud Token can withdraw all of their capital deposited at any time. They can also send and receive money. Whatever coins are kept in the Cloud Token Wallet receives a daily interest. Private keys are forthcoming. ETH private key available now.

  • Decentralized cloud services

The Co-founder and CTO, Ronald Aai described the goal of Cloud Token as one that is meant to create a decentralized peer-to-peer cloud-based ecosystem. This ecosystem will allow millions of people worldwide to get all of the financial advantages available from any cloud service and application directly between them in a trusted and efficient manner; from music to social insurance and investment services, in a wholly secure and private environment.

All of the funds raised through the reward system of Cloud Token will be used to implement a global GridNode infrastructure – The framework for building the Crowd Cloud.

  • Speed of transactions

Cloud Token solves the problem of slow transaction time as it enables very high transaction speed and transaction cost. The integrated AI, Jarvis participates in all of the tradings making quick decisions and executing investments fast.

Cloud Token’s source of revenue is its trading AI solution, JARVIS. There are videos online that show Jarvis trading at Binance, and the transactions can be checked at the blockchain explorer. Because of bitcoin blockchain’s very decentralized nature, these transactions cannot be forged.

Targeted at experienced crypto investors, miners as well anyone that would like a foray into the world of cryptocurrency, Cloud Token is very easy to use, and it is set up in a way where you can exit whenever you want as an investor.

To Wrap It Up

Cloud Token wallet is growing in acceptance rate because of all of the advantages it offers over other cryptocurrency wallets out there. And a wallet that offers not just the safekeeping of crypto coins but also earning power is definitely something that is worth checking out.

To open a Cloud Token Wallet click HERE and to find out more about all there is to the wallet; interested parties can visit their website