Update from Ronald Aai through a Zoom call 11-4-2019:

Here is a summary of this interview with Ronald courtesy of Lulu

The team is working very hard to get everything in place. I think Ronald is authentic and we should continue to give him and his team all the support we can. 👍🔥👊🏻🚀

Key Developments for November with Ronald Aai

Just a heads up that CloudChat is now active – you can see all Cloud-related updates in the app itself, Ronald will be less active on Facebook now

Status on the Prepaid MasterCards
The KYC process only tells us whether the card is activated or not. Members do not have their ATM PINs yet but we are working on it so that they receive it soon. Those who registered successfully will receive an email with the ATM PIN enclosed. It will be sent to the email used in the KYC application. The card’s max limit will be $13K.

We are working on prepaid Visa cards as well.

Members who did not attend the event can order the MasterCard from the Cloud 2.0 app, the activation fee is 200 CTO.

Merchant program will be rolled out in December. Merchants from around the world will be able to accept CTOs.

Over the Counter (OTC) Status
Regarding pending conversions and withdrawals, the conversion queue is backlogged and that causes fear which leads to people attempting to withdraw. This leads to even more congestion. Conversions and withdrawals will be fixed but they will have to go through a third party which is the OTC. The nodes were jammed because of too many transactions with too little gas fees. The OTC are new nodes completely and the nodes will be segmented depending on requirement.

The use of the CTO card will also alleviate some of the congestion in the network as members can use their CTOs in a different way. Cloud’s ecosystem will make it so that more CTOs are used in the network rather than conversion. The solution is a process and it takes time. OTC could still be 8-10 days but we are trying our best to rush it for the end of this week.

We will also be buying more vouchers from other top providers like 7-Eleven. It will be similar to the Grab partnership. There will be more uses for CTO.

Jarvis is being offered as an investment program. We need to get an RMO license (Recognized Market Operator) so that we can safely offer Cloud in many countries.

CEZA License
Update expected soon, will send update via CloudChat. We are in the final stages.

Jarvis 2.0
Jarvis 2.0 will be a yearly subscription, it is very similar to Jarvis but you will not receive CTOs. Instead, you will receive data that can be used in the CloudSIM. Excess data accrued monthly can be exchanged for CTOs or other currencies in the OTC. More info will be available soon on Jarvis 2.0, but this is more rebranding than a technical change.

CTOs will be pegged to data prices, let’s say for example 100MB of data as the base. There will be a fixed price on data regardless of fluctuating data prices in different countries. Leaders can request CloudSIM cards for their team and pre-purchase it for their downline. There is an ongoing discussion with leaders about opening up “sale points” in various countries to improve overall promotion of Cloud 2.0 – real offices with support staff and team leaders that can help both existing and new members.

Jarvis 2.0 will be released in stages, the first part is to switch CTOs with data tokens. This will be done in December.

Performance will be enhanced so you can see beyond your first three levels as well.

Cloud 2.0 Profit Points for Revenue and Future Growth
We are diversifying from normal trading into lending to other networks. Cloud is earning almost 7% in total revenue on CTO redemptions such as CloudTravel (hotel partnership) and CloudRedeem (Grab partnership). We are trying to expand to more providers to get better pricing and better services. Cloud will also make 0.5% on all merchant transactions.

Other News
We now have over 1 million accounts, with 700K qualified accounts.

Dark mode will be released soon for Cloud 2.0. We will also be catering to visual impairments and having different options depending on people’s needs.

The new app will have an option to turn off the Cloud 2.0 intro music.

CTOs will be ERC-777 standard soon but there is a cost, the network requires more gas per transaction. We are still working out the technicalities so expect this change sometime next year.

Update from Ronald Aai through Facebook on 10-30-2019:

In case you have been unable to update the app and experience the new chat feature

Here is the latest from Ronald Aai
Godzilla speaks:

From Ronald Aai update on Cloud 2.0 Jarvis 2.0:

Dear Cloud 2.0 Members/Partners. It’s a great day, i believe that i finally can reach everyone now thru the CloudChat Feature.

Today, after the update, i’ve got alot of questions from members, asking when can their conversions and withdrawals be back to normal.

I’ve explained many times before on my Facebook, but i understand that not many has facebook access. So i will not be posting many information

on facebook anymore. I will use CloudChat to communicate with everyone.

We believe that the only best ways to resolve the issue is to directly allowing the partners/members to use the CTO.

1. Thru the Prepaid MasterCard, we allow partners/members to use withdraw local currency from ATM machines or to spend CTOs directly using the Prepaid MasterCard. We will be introducing a VISA card soon to make it easier for partners/members to apply.

2. Thru our Partners P2P OTC system called “RIBBONS” to enable partners/members to put their CTOs up for sale.

3. Thru our CloudMerchant, Members will be able to go to these Merchants to exchange their CTOs for Local Currencies.

When there are so many direct ways to change your CTO to local currencies, it will reduce the use of Convert. Which will then free-up the congestion on the blockchain. Which will then resolve the withdrawal issues

Jarvis, will undergo an upgrade. It will enable all partners/members to be able to do this business in a legal manner. Jarvis 2 will be using CloudSIM as a product to be sold in every country.

Existing members/partners will subscribe to the CloudSIM card. All Jarvis assets will be brought forward to Jarvis 2. members/partners CTO will be given out as normal. CTOs is mobile 3g/4g/lte data. CTO can be sent to external partners P2P OTC exchange.

There is no change to how the affiliate program is structured now. We are giving Mobile Data to partners who introduce new members to subscribe to CloudSIM

The most important thing is to be able to do this business in a safe and secure manner. CloudSIM is a product that will be sold by Cloud2.0 company. Each country will have a sales office with customer service to meet government regulations of companies trying to provide services. Each subscription will be paid a sales and service tax as per regulations of the country.

We are not an Multi-Level Marketing Company. We are a licensed company providing Roaming Mobile Data Services for members/partners.

Members who introduce another member to subscribe our service will get CTO which can be used as mobile data or can be put on sale on P2P OTC.

The P2P OTC is now under development for 2 weeks. We expect it to be completed before the end of the first week of november. To allow all members/partners to be able to trade their CTOs

There is no other wallets in the market that has the features to do what we have.

I said it in MAY 12. We will have so many features that other wallets will not be able to catch up. We have a dream to make Cloud2.0 to be the biggest, legal wallet that can be used around the world.

partners will have multiple ways to create wealth thru our wallet. Thru CloudSIM, Thru our CloudMerchant Program by signing up merchants and helping merchants, Thru Jarvis 2.0 subscription.

The merchant program will allow partners to earn 0.5% of each transaction made thru our Cloud2.0 payment channels. Merchants will directly earn 1% (YES, there is no transaction fee to use our payment network). The Sales office will get the remaining. All sales is after tax paid to CEZA, for crypto to fiat sales.

Imagine that a member has 10 merchants signed up to use CloudPay, Each merchant has 200 transactions a day. The average value of each transaction is 100 RMB. The member will get 0.5% per transaction. Do the math. This is residual income. More ways to get wealth is what we will be focusing on next year.

Wechat allows china citizens to pay, in most parts of the world if they have access to the internet. But internet fees are expensive. Cloud2.0 solves this problem by giving members cheaper internet fees all around the world and with the ability to earn wealth and pay.

Our competitors are not the other wallets that spring up and say they can earn wealth for you through AI robots. Our competitors are with ourselves, our beliefs and our faith in the business.

Through CloudSIM, a pay once subscription model. This is the first in the world. No other mobile service is able to do this like us. The mobile data that you have is usable around the world. It will keep growing, if too many can take and sell. We are sure we can capture 100 million subscribers in asia alone.

With our revolutionary CloudMerchant program, and our hardworking Cloud2.0 partners/members we are confident we will sign-up 20 million merchants around the world

We will be the largest, mobile data service provider in south east asia, the 2nd largest in the world for mobile virtual network operator.

We have the technology ready. We have the people ready. We just need to take this 3 years journey to achieve our goal.

Apple is already doing all of this. They first sell you phones, then they create an appstore for you to buy their apps, then they tell you they can do payment thru apple pay. Now they are releasing their own creditcard and ESIM. They want to be an operator too. Isnt’ that what Cloud2.0 already have? If Apple is successful in 3 years time. Who will be interested to buy Cloud2.0 to fight with Apple?

Google? Huawei? Samsung? or Banks?

When that time comes, each CTO regardless the price 1 CTO = 1 share of the company.

in 2023 mobile payment industry is a 1 Trillion USD industry. We might just be asking for 20 billion.

how many PE? you do the math

we know not many people are pioneers. not many are entrepreneurs to be able to handle the stress. Some are only here to earn fast money. I only advise them to leave now. We don’t need your participation. We will gladly return all to you. We will only give this opportunity to partners that truly believe in us.

It is late now. i will continue to work on the P2P OTC platform so that we can have it ready for members to sell their CTOs. Thank you all for posting to me. I will handle your requests.

Update from Ronald Aai through Facebook on 9-9-2019:

#cloudtoken #welisten #cloud100percent
We know not all are born to be leaders. Not all are cut out to be a pioneer. Not all are capable of going on a rocket ship ride with us. It’s ok, you’ll see us when we reach the moon.

Wealth Generation
1. JARVIS (~USDT500)
2. ROGUE (~USDT10)

has the ability to change NGOs and TOWNs.
It uses CRYPTOs that are pooled to participate in
CRYPTO LENDING HUBS to generate sizable revenue.
imagine that NGOs like your local Orphanage, Schools, Churchs, or whatever kind of NGOs they get monthly revenue from the CRYPTO lending pool to better their efforts for the community. TOWNs need not keep relying on Businesses to rape them of their resources, TOWNs can use this to better their own inhabitants. ROGUE is a game-changer.

1. [*]OTA (Online Travel Agency)
2. [*]OTC (Buy and sell crypto to fiat)
3. [*]CloudSIM (Free DATA for many parts of the world)
4. [*]E-Commerce via CTO

3 years to become the largest wallet platform in the world that covers the financially excluded, with 20 million merchants, 100 million users and 1.5 million partners.

How are we getting there?
Step #1 – Introduce Jarvis to capture 1million partners
[*]Step #2 – Using the Jarvis AI trading bot to enable service for 10million users using CloudSIM for free when they participate in the HOLIDAY project (USDT250)
[*]Step #3 – Using partners to capture 20million affiliate merchants
[*]Step #4 – Enable Purchase of Crypto assets P2P for all users/merchants
[*]Step #5 – Enable Merchants to be CashPoints
[*]Step #6 – Enable Remittance service for Merchants P2P/B2C

Note: [*] are revenue generation processes.

Update from Paul McCarthy following the Warsaw event on 8-1-2019:

Jarvis AI

560 million under management now (August 2019)

Block Limitation

Each Block is $500

$700,000,000 total trading limit for Jarvis

$500 each block value

1,400,000 total number of blocks

When you withdraw, you free up the blocks, allowing for more space to others. Once the 10% fee is removed, people will be able to go in and out all the time without any limitations.

These blocks will first be introduced for Rogue. If the block-system works well for Rogue, then the company will also introduce it for Jarvis.

Ronald believes that there should be enough room till the end of the year.

Adding funds to the Super-Wallet with VISA/MASTERCARD

They will have the CEZA license by the end of September (hopefully), then they need to create a bank account. Once they have that, they can do that.

They are following this process specifically for their merchant program, but this would also allow them to add VISA/MASTERCARD acceptance.


The KYC will be optional, only accounts that want to enable FIAT have to do this.

GDPR/Data Handling

They are PCI-DSS compliant and GDPR compliant.


They will be using the same service provider as Binance.

Some of the CEZA License Requirements:

They need a fully working Exchange and an OTC. So they’ve acquired a technology company with their IP to accelerate this process and both the exchange and the OTC are now being tested.

By next year their product will be available on C-Trade (portfolio management platform).

Can the Pre-Paid Debit Cards Be Blocked?

The reason why some cards in the past got blocked is because they had 0 balance. MCO, TENX cards for example are empty (0 balance).

They are using acquiring banks, and have something called a “master-account”.

The master-account is loaded with balance and all the cards share that master-account. Every time one of these cards gets used, the system gives it a “yes” or a “no” to confirm whether that card can be used. When you get a yes, they will go into your crypto account and do a sale.

Cloud Token’s cards are Global and are pre-funded. Cloud Token cards come loaded with up to $14,000, depending on how many CTOs you’ve added to your card. The moment you use that card, the amount gets deducted. After 30 days the company takes all the CTOs and refills the card.

Errors and CTO Conversion Failures:

The market right now is really congested and so is Cloud Token. (withdrawals working at the time of this post)

The wallet is not with Cloud, but it’s with the mining pool and they cannot take all the capacity of their pool. That pool just cannot process transactions fast enough.

Aurae Blockchain

Aurae Blockchain is already LIVE and processing all the transactions inside the ecosystem. And the explorer is right now being processed.

Slow App

The reason why things run slow inside the app is that because the app is still relying on other blockchains, that are slow.

Initially they planned to release the cards only to C3 and above.

However they are working on allowing anybody who attends the event to also receive pre-paid debit cards.

Jarvis – still enough space, hopefully until the end of the year, depends on market conditions.

Project Rogue – lottery

11 – 17% ARP

1.3 – 1.4% per year


Used to have 6, now have 40.

They have purchased their office in Kuala Lumpur.

New Crypto to be added:


Aurae Explorer to launch before the end of the year (we are pushing to have it much sooner).

Private Keys for all the other crypto in the wallet to be introduced before the end of the year

Aiming to have 1.5 million members and 10 million SimCard members and 20 million merchants (connected via the affiliate program) by March 2020.