What makes Cloud Token different? What is it and how does it work?

What makes Cloud Token different? What is it and how does it work? We are not an ICO. There is no token allocation. We (the developers) have to invest our own money into JARVIS to get our own CTOs.. It's a fare game even for the people who are doing the actual [...]

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What Is Blockchain 4.0?

What Is Blockchain 4.0? Cryptocurrency has come a long way, gaining popularity and acceptance since Satoshi Nakamoto first founded blockchain. The world of crypto has seen the successive release of three versions of blockchain; blockchain 1.0, blockchain 2.0, and blockchain 3.0. With a fourth one on the horizon; blockchain 4.0, there have been a lot [...]

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What You Did Not Know About Cryptocurrency Bot Trading

What You Did Not Know About Cryptocurrency Bot TradingUnlike the traditional markets like the stock market that has a closing time or period where stockbrokers can go home, get some sleep and get refreshed for another day, the cryptocurrency trading market never sleeps or slumbers; it is a 24/7/365 affair which sounds a little too [...]

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Introducing Cloud Token Wallet

Introducing The Cloud Token Wallet Cloud Token integrates all the blockchain cryptographic assets into one and is considered the world’s first social wealth wallet. As a blockchain 4.0 platform, it can perform cross-chain encryption exchanges. The cloud token holds eight coins at the same time, and these coins include Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum [...]

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Atomic Swaps

🔷Atomic Swaps Explained ! 🔷An atomic swap is a smart contract technology that enables the exchange of one cryptocurrency for another instantly within the CTO APP. 🔷This is an incredible new feature that is coming to Cloud Token. 🔷 Atomic swaps can take place directly between blockchains of different cryptocurrencies, or they can be conducted [...]

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Cloud Token News and Updates | June 2019

Recent updates from Ronald Aai on Cloud Token Wallet App operation status 6-22-2019 1. BTC Deposit Btc deposit that was taking extremely long has been resolved and the new system shall take place on Monday. Deposits will now be quicker and require lesser blockchain confirmation (it was 60 confirmations before this) 2. Delay in [...]

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Aurae Blockchain Platform and Cloud Token

Cloud Token is not just a wallet. 🚀💲It's a next generation ECO-SYSTEM that combines the latest Blockchain technology, advanced AI trading and an ingenious referral system and coming soon eComm, Travel and more, accessible right within the app. We have received a ton of tokens already, literally thousands everyday!! This can be the WeChat/AliPay of the [...]

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Earning Interest on Bitcoin

Earning Interest on Bitcoin It seems the whole world has taken an interest in Bitcoin. It has dominated headlines the last several years -- which is no mean feat, given the current political climate! But what is Bitcoin and blockchain technology, and how can you earn interest on your Bitcoin investment? What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin, [...]

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Cloud Token Wallet Official Launch Event in Bangkok Thailand May 12 2019

Cloud Token Wallet is still in pre-launch phase (status 03.05.2019). However, the app is working like a Swiss clock, apart from a few minor issues. Important security features like 2FA Google Authenticator and Mnemonic Words are implemented. We will also get access to our private keys in due time. The big Grand Opening ceremony will [...]

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