cloud token global launch eventCloud Token Wallet is still in pre-launch phase (status 03.05.2019). However, the app is working like a Swiss clock, apart from a few minor issues.

Important security features like 2FA Google Authenticator and Mnemonic Words are implemented. We will also get access to our private keys in due time.

The big Grand Opening ceremony will take place in Bangkok on 12th May 2019. More than 100 delegates will witness the beginning of a new Era in the Bangkok Exhibition Center.

Another big differentiating factor will be the technical support. Most of the competitors have failed to provide professional technical support service to its users. It has been a big pain point since people had to report their issues up the ladder through their sponsors.

Cloud Token Wallet is putting together a team of Customer Support experts who will stand in front of the Bangkok attendees on stage and introduce themselves.

Bangkok – Thailand – May 12, 2019

Place: 10th floor Bangkok Land Building 47/569 Popular 3 Road, Banmai Sub-District, Pakkred District, Nonthaburi 11120

Greater Bangkok, Thailand